Statements from ASIO Refugees

8 April 2013


We are 30 people here at Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (25 Tamils, 2 Burmese and 2 Iranian) and 56 people all over the Australian detention. We have been here for four years and more. We cannot tolerate it any longer. We need to be released to save our lives.

At 2 a.m. today (Monday, April 8, 2013) we began a hunger strike together. All 30 of us plan to keep doing this until there is solution, one way or the other.

We will gather together in the grounds of the detention centre and stay there until we get a solution. If the Australian Government does not release us, we ask that they kill us mercifully.

We have painted banners as part of our protest. There is one that shows many people hanging. That is what we want to happen to us if we are not released. for life here.

People in here are jumping off rooves, they are going on hunger strikes, they are taking tablets, they are trying to hang themselves……It is a cruel and inhumane environment for everyone.

We plead with you, the Australian people, to help us. We are on the edge of life and don’t know how much longer we can stand it.

We ask Prime Minister Gillard, Immigration Minister O’Connor, Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus Opposition leader Abbott and ASIO director David Irvine to stop this torture of all of us……. of men, women and children, who have done nothing to warrant this cruel treatment that is destroying our minds.

We ask the authorities : You say we are a threat to this nation. So if we are such people why have they now put women and children and families in here with us? We are willing to be released into the community under strict orders if they think we are threats, which we aren’t. But whatever they want we will do.

But we can’t keep living like this. We are not in detention. We are in a cemetery.

We don’t want to die. We left Sri Lanka, Burmese and Iran because we fear to die. We came to Australia to live, not die. But death would be better than the life we have.



One thought on “Statements from ASIO Refugees

  1. Dear MITA hunger strikers, I want to offer you my support in your hunger strike and hope that you are successful in making the Australian government give you the freedom you deserve. You should be allowed to appeal the ASIO Adverse Assessment and be allowed to defend yourselves, which is the right of any other citizen or visitor in this country. I am deeply ashamed of my government’s policies and behaviour towards asylum seekers. They are inhumane, and are committing the same offenses as the USA political prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In fact, our government is committing the same inhumane offenses towards you as some other totalitarian regimes which have been brought before the International Court for Crimes Against Humanity in Hague. I wish you success, peace and freedom.
    Marie Feigl, Elphinstone, Victoria.

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